Saturday, April 20, 2013

Q is for...

Q is for...

"Question isn't who is going to let me as to who is going to stop me."

When we were kids we thought we can do anything in the world. We were invincible. We generally would try anything especially if we were double-dared. Oh yeah!

Of course not having any common sense the only persons to stop us from doing something incredibly stupid would have been our parents.

As we got in to teenage years, we would take on the world with sharp tongues and an attitude to match. The only ones to stop us was other friends who thought we were idiots.

When we became adults, we worked hard, raised families and made our place in the world. We took pride in the things we did.

Spirituality was a part of us. We went to church. We went shopping. We planned parties. We went to PTA and football games.

The only ones to stop us was... 


Now, isn't that the truth?
~Naila Moon

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  1. I love this and love the your choice of thought for the letter Q


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