Monday, September 2, 2013

4M"s Labor Day version...9-2-2913

Happy Labor Day in the US. and welcome back to another 4M"s for September. Wow!

I am writing from my Kindle with hopes this works out ok. My laptop crashed and burned last week. I am to get a new one but not until later this week.

I am also returning home to CO on Wednesday so, things might get back to normal soon.

This week is freebie week which of course is always fun. Let me see what I can do for that. Hmmmm......

Just today, I heard a group called  Black Box from the 90's.

I also hear today Richard Marx  whom I used to really like.

Finally, on this weekend I used to always watch the Jerry Lewis Muscular dystrophy  telethon. At the end he would always sing this song. It would inspire me as it still does today.


  1. That was one hell of a wind up there for your 4M Labor Day Post Girlfriend. It was the best and a total knot in my throat for sure. How could I have forgotten such a thing. Do they still have that on tv? I've got to go search for that now. Goodness where have I been? Is Jerry Lewis still alive? I mean dam I must have been livin' under a rock. hahaha Great choices my friend and thanks for still being here even if you did do it with your kindle. So happy to hear you're getting a new puter though. I'm still waiting on the winner I chose for our give-away. She only has 24 hrs & then it's on to someone else. Hugs and you'll be home soon... bet hubby will be happy but i know you'll be sad to leave all your babies!!! HUGS FROM CYBER AUNTIE DON'T FORGET! :)

  2. Oh goodness...that first one brings back memories. University dorm and the guys behind me had the biggest stereo speakers you ever saw in their room. And Blackbox was what the whole floor woke up to nearly every day.
    I LOVED it! haha.
    It was our party anthem.
    I remember that Richard Marx song too....all the slow dances. *sigh*
    Not sure I ever watched the telethon, but that is a great song.

  3. Black Box is new to me. I love Richard Marx's Hold on to the Night - gr8 song! Wow, I remember watching the March of Dimes Telethons with Jerry Lewis and his closing song is so moving. What a fabulous job you've done today! I'm sorry to hear about your computer woes. I've been there, done that a thousand times. Best of luck to you on getting things going with the new one! It was fun to dance!

  4. Ahh what a strong list!
    Thanks for rocking with us this week!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


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