Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review of "Tale of the Tooth Fairy"

Disclosure: I was given a free item from Coppin's Hallmark to review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  I received no monetary compensation.

I like to find little gifts for special occasions and big occasions too. I really like thinking about the individual I am giving a gift too and what they may like.

With kids of course it is the little things that count to them. You know, like loosing their first tooth!
That is why I was pleased when Coppin's Hallmark sent me the "Tale of the Tooth Fairy" to review.

Check out my video review and by all means, check out all the gifts they have to offer. Find them on Facebook too. Happy shopping!

~Naila Moon


  1. When I was a kid and lost my first tooth, nobody had these kids of things available! I can't say whether I would have liked it or not though; there's something nostalgic about being told about the toothfairy by your parents and waking up to simply look under your pillow for the goodies ^.^

    I must admit the book and doll are super cute though!

  2. Well, I'll tell ya my kids new dam well there was no tooth fairy because I worked all the time, and half the time I was either sleeping or working when they woke up and when I'd get home they'd be crying and say, "Mommy, I must have been bad cuz I didn't get any money"! and big crocodile tears would come out & I'd say did you look real good and I'd say come one let's go look together (all the while there would be a dollar in my hand hidden of course, and we looked under the pillow and as I held the pillow and she'd by looking by the bed me with pillow in hand and slipping the dollar inside the pillowcase. I'd put the pillow back on the bed, and I'd say did you look really good under the bed or the side in case it fell off the bed in your sleep or under the blanket maybe you kicked it down by your toes. I'd strip the bed if I were you. Well she did and guess what she found inside her pillow case? God, I loved that smile and that big hug around the neck. I miss those so very much... so very much!


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