Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday's Music...Sept. 23, 2013

Hello and welcome back to another Monday and the first Monday of Fall 2013.
I love this time of year when things are changing and the color of nature is just beautiful. I simply like everything about it.

As today is Monday, that means it is music time hosted by Xmas Dolly and the musical train crew of Stacy, Callie and Cathy.  Let's rock this joint shall we?

Spotlight Dancers

This weeks Spotlight Dancer is: Time Out For Mom

This week we have a challenging theme. We are to pick songs about "Moving Forward" in one's life. Now, who picked that one anyway? I know...just joking!
I suppose this is up to interpretation. Right?

First up, you know me, I love the Muppets:

Next up, this singer has been a favorite for a long time:

In looking for some new music, (which I always like to find) I found this song, which really spoke to me:

Finally, when you move forward, you are letting go of the past. Here's what letting go sounds like. :)

Naila Moon


  1. Nice choices ..

    I know a few muppets ;-)

    Have a funtastic week ahead ;-)

  2. I love your Fall button!

    I really love The Muppets.

  3. Who doesn't like The Muppets? What a fun sound to start the week with! Christopher Cross is a wonderful sound from the 80s - just love his songs! Through Christ is just about the only way anyone of us can truly "move forward" in our lives - so that's a fabulous song. Interesting, I never knew what the Sound of Letting Go sounded like before now. All I can say is the sound had me dancing in my seat. Thanks for putting the groove in my week! ;)

  4. OMG..I love the look of your site! These were all great choices for the theme for today. You know me by now I really loved the Muppets. Happy Monday!

  5. Ha - The Muppets - that's awesome!! I will have to remember that one for my kids. Sailing is one of my old time faves. I've heard that Moving Forward one before....can't place the singer though..Israel something? anyway, great one.

  6. These are all beautiful choices for today's theme! I quite enjoy the Muppets one myself xD

    Have a musical week friend!

  7. Oh, Kermie. *sigh*

  8. I've always loved that song Sailing...even though it gives me a touch of sad too :)
    Thanks for rocking girl!

  9. Love the Muppets! I still have the sheet music book that I bought when the Muppet Movie came out. It's help together by a big lobster clasp, and I still love playing out of it.

  10. Very appropriate songs for the theme. And yes! I love Christopher Cross's Sailing. What a lovely background you have. Very fall, my fave season even if I have never been anywhere where fall is going on :)

    Sorry I'm late. I flew out of town (to Singapore) for an errand.



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