Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...Flooding Edition 9/16/13

Welcome back everyone. Here we are at Monday and the rain is still coming down here in Colorado. We need the rain because we have not had any in weeks but the problem is the ground has been so dry that the water cannot saturate into the ground, so floods we have.

My hubby and I are fine even though there is flooding just down the road from us. Keep us all is thoughts and such because if you have been following the news, others parts of CO are not doing so well.

Speaking of keeping in thoughts and prayers. Are 4M's train conductor, Xmas Dolly, is back in the hospital again. I am not sure she will be making an appearance today due to her illness but we certainly hope she gets her musical self back and healthy soon! Cathy, Stacy, Callie and I will hopefully hold down the fort until she gets back!

Today our Spotlight Dancer is none other than my hubby, Mark aka Tamirisc! Congrats. Put your shoes on honey and get out there!
Spotlight Dancers

This week is freebie week and I got some goodies as always for you. Let's go!
Last week we had 70's theme week and I has such a good time with that, I want to spin some more of those tunes.

First Up:
Let's groove on with this one: (Do you recognize the main singer?)


Finally, I am ready to head on outta here but before I do...

Have a good week ya all!
~Naila Moon


  1. You've picked some great songs for this week's theme my friend! I'm going to have at least 2 of those stuck in my head for awhile. LOL

    Have a musical week!

  2. Stevie Wonder just amazing!

    Have a great week Naila...

  3. Fab selection I just love the oldies you got good taste.

    We have seen on TV here in the UK about the floods awful scenes hope all is alright with where you are.

  4. First up, I'm so glad you guys are ok. Has the sun come out yet? I sure do hope so!

    Lovin' all of your funky sounds today, gal! These really bring back the day. Whoo-hoo! I do not recognize the leader singer in the Commodores, but I do see Lionel Richie on the sax in the background.

    Gr8 to have you dancing with us. Have a groovy week!

  5. These are all great songs. They get that groovy 70 funk on.
    I hope you and all yours remain safe with all that water out there. Prayers for ya'll. Happy Monday!

  6. You do have some great ones!

  7. Gah - Sweet Emotion - played that one several times!! great classic tune. love the groovy, smooth oldies this week.

  8. I'll keep y'all in prayers girl. I've been seeing and hearing the news. It's insane! It's like a year of rain in one night.

    Thanks for sharing your tunes. Got me rocking!


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