Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me...Fall Edition 9/30/13

Welcome back to Monday's Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly and the musical train crew of Cathy, Stacy and Callie. I am still along for the ride as Cathy is taking off on vacation this time.

The weather has been getting cooler back and forth and of course that just makes me happy. Of course I am also happy because I get to rock out with the coolest musical people on the planet...YOU!

Spotlight Dancers

This is the last Monday of September and a freebie week.
Our Spotlight Dancer is...Run DMT...she has to stop running and put on dancing shoes a moment. Hee hee!

Beginning  Tuesday, Oct. 1st,  I show case all things Halloween everyday. So, I thought to start things off, I will give you a taste of that musically and then from there see what I have in the music bag. OK?

Let begin with this teaser:

Where shall I go from here? Hmm....
Well, if DMT can put on her dancing shoes, then so can I!

Since I am shaking what my Momma gave me today, let's go with this next one:

Let's shake it some more with this one:
I am going to hustle on out of here with this one. Catch me on Tuesday the first with Coffee Talk and the countdown to Halloween.

~Naila Moon


  1. First up, girl - welcome aboard as the newest permanent co-host to the Love Train!! *applaud* I just love your groovy freebie tunes this morning. You really have me dancin' in my seat. The Hustle was one of my favorites from the 70s. Hope you have a magical, musical Monday, Tuesday, Wed,...week!

  2. I love Fall, so beautiful, the colors and cool weather, not too hot, not too cold. Great weather to Hustle and Shake your Groove Thing :)

  3. Well they definitely got me boogieing LOL I lurrrv the oldies :-)

    Have a discotastic week ;-)

  4. Beetlejuice! So funny! Not only did you get us dancing with ABBA but we've shook our booty gotten groove thang on and gotten some hustle in the bustle. Thanks for kickstarting this Monday.

  5. Day-O -- such a great scene!! love it.
    And this is great, everyone seems to be in a dancing mood today, which suits me just fine!

  6. That was the best scene from Beetlejuice! These were great songs for today, got such a kick out of them all.

    Just love your fall theme for your blog, too. Makes me wish we had cooler weather, but all I get is hot. Actually, our desert is officially in fall. We are only hitting highs in the 80s now.

    Have a great week!

  7. I love your header!

    I love all your music today! Whooooo!

    Enjoy the dancing girl!

  8. Look at you! You go girl! You're really rockin' the house today! Great job & welcome aboard! Glad to have you! Hope you have a rockin' good time!


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