Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wordless(ish)/Whatever Wednesday...Sept 25, 2013

This past August I went to Missouri to visit my children and grandchildren. Before I left, I wanted to have a photo of just my kids together and then with their kids. I wanted to have the photos turned in to canvas art for my home.
Seems simple, right? HA!
Here is proof that it is not so simple with my goofy kids who never let me take a decent photo of them. You should see our family Christmas photos.

*Take 1-my son always goes and does something goofy to mess the first photo up.
*Take 2-He is still not cooperating and my daughter is starting to get the giggles.
*Take 3-He finally tones down and she is laughing hysterically. Mom is getting upset with them. "One more," she says here.
*Take 4-He settles. She begins goofing off. Mom gives up.
*Next Photo-Mom says, "Let me get a decent one with the grand-kids. ok?"
*Take 1-They don't cooperate either. oy!

*Finally gets a half way decent photo, even though my son is trying desperately to mess it up again.
Seriously, what is a mom to do!
~Naila Moon


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  1. I think the outtakes are always the best part of the process. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. I think you got an adorable one of them all together that last time :) Good thing you were not trying to include a family dog lol (been their done that )

  3. I think you have a wonderful family! There is nothing like fooling around, and you did get a good picture at last to set up on the shelf or on the wall. Have a wonderful day!

    Come link up!
    Royalegacy's WW 9/25

  4. Well hey, at least they give you a good laugh if nothing else! :) I love that 4 photo collage of all your bloopers. LOL I'd put that up on my wall just to get a good laugh every time I look at it xD

  5. I personally think the funny ones are the best. I always take the pic when they least expect it hehehehehe They're wonderful Thanks for sharing.


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