Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coffee Chat Mixed with Wordless(ish) Wednesday 2/12

I was a busy bee Tuesday and just did not get around to posting for coffee chat. So here we are on a Wednesday and I am just getting to it. Ah well...

The good thing is this is feel the love week so, what better week than doing some combos. *grins*
Rory threw it out there to tell what we are "loving"...you know, like list them or something like that.

Since it is now Wednesday as aforementioned, I am listing it with words and photos. It is just how I roll folks!

Without further ado...can I get a drum roll...hello...drumroll...*crickets*

1. I am so loving this guy. Yeah, I know it is sappy and all that but I love him. What can I say?

2. I am so lovin' my desk right now! I took over the whole dang thing as I was sharing with the hubby. I needed space. I am telling you, I really needed the space!  I am now using one half to do my blogging, writing and reviewing...the other half is all about art. It is much bigger than seen here. I used an old door and turned it into a desk. Love it!

3. Which brings me to my art stuff. This is just a sampling of the stuff I have to create. I have a whole dresser full!

4. Eating vegetarian. I think I feel better and it is fun to find some different foods.

5. Books! Ok, so this is a given. I have a ton to review. I need to get crackin' on this. Seriously!

6. Writing! My creative mind is just flowing like crazy and wow, the stuff that is getting put down to paper...um, laptop.

7. Finally postcards! I received two yesterday. One from Arizona and one from...well, I have no idea!(UPDATE: Found out the person who sent it to me is from GA!)
That person did not leave their state or address.  Have you sent me one yet? Remember, I am collecting them. I have only received from two states so far. You can make one. like this person or buy one. Just make sure to put the state or country! :)

That's it for now. I am sure there is more but this is just off the top of my head. Feel the love folks...feel the love!


  1. I can relate to the things you're lovin'. I find that I love many of the same stuff, except your darling hubby. Oh sure, he's a swell guy and all, but since I have my very own DH...you get what I'm saying, right? lol BTW, are you looking for postcards that represent the state your sender is from or just want a postcard from someone in each state? If the later is the case, then I can easily accommodate you. Shoot me your addy via email & I'll try to get you one out ASAP.

  2. Woot! Love the scrapbooking and stamp collection! A gal after my own heart!

  3. Yes, it is that time to feel the love. All those art supplies. Those remind me of my girls' stashes. Happy day to you and that hubby of yours.

  4. using an old door - brilliant!! why didn't I think of that? I so need the space. I mainly work on my laptop so I can go wherever in the house, but then I have no actual safe place to keep it when I am not working. I have to keep it up from the 4 year old who thinks Dora and Diego live inside it. :)
    You can love the hubby to bits and pieces!! Mushy is always welcomed! Ha.
    And I finally have all the stuff to do my postcards -- I had brief interruption this week to steam clean my carpets after an incident, but I'll be back to the writing table soon!

  5. It is good to have a love that you can boast about.
    I do understand needing that space honey!
    Glad the diet change is going well.
    Hope you get to being your book reviews soon!

  6. Awesome desk Naila! We all need our own space to spread out. I especially like that you repurposed a door.


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