Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spreading the Musical Love for Monday's Music Moves Me...#MondaysMusic

Welcome back to another new week of fun, music and laughter. This week is all about love and why not start out the week on Monday's music with love songs. We all know that this musical train is conducted by Xmas Dolly with co-conductors of Cathy, Callie, Stacy (who is on hiatus) and me. Becca is filling in until Stacy comes back.


In the Spotlight this week is...Scriptor!

I thought I would start out this musical love fest by honoring that fabulous singing group who took the US by storm 50 years ago on Feb. 9th.

Next my mind immediately went to this song. I am not exactly sure why except that I happen to like the song and well...I am pretty sure I would not mind going there...hee hee:

Slowing it down a bit, this one is now on my mind and another favorite.

Finally, this one is for the love of my life...5 years later and still going strong:


  1. Hey Naila, I was here earlier but you hadn't put up your song choices yet. Saw your announcement on facebook and here I am! Great picks - I know an love them all but Bette Midler's the Rose is my favorite. Woo hoo! Happy Monday and make it a great week.

  2. When it comes to love songs the slow ones seem to touch my heart the best ~ The Rose and You're Still the One are excellent choices. Keep that lovin' feeling movin' all week!

  3. Brilliant choices I like them all and the videos all brought back different memories ;-)

    Have a tanfasticated week ahead ;-)

  4. great familiar choices have me singing along =) thanks!
    HapPy Monday and Valentine's <3

  5. Three of the greats for sure, and naturally favorites of mine! Great job in bringing back old wonderful memories!!! Have a great week my friend. HUGS... YOU ROCK!

  6. These are marvelous songs just perfect for loving. Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. These are definitely love songs.
    I wonder where Shania is now. I haven't been hearing much of her.

  8. great choices!! Love Shania!
    I haven't heard The Rose in awhile. How can one forget the amazingness of Bette!

    (I didn't get to my post today - had company - but just wanted to pop in and holla)

  9. I love all your selections this week, Naila! And LOVE me some Beatles!

    Music Monday: What about love?


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