Sunday, February 23, 2014

Inspired on Monday's Music Moves Me 2/23/14

It is Monday already? The days just keep flying by at a dizzying speed. I cannot seem to keep up with it all sometimes. Anyway, Monday is here again and of course that means music time with Xmas Dolly leading the pack along with Colette, Cathy, Becca (who is filling in for Stacy) and me.

This week we have a theme of "songs that inspire us". Leading us on the dance floor this week is our Spotlight Dancer, Create With Joy.


I find this to be an interesting theme because I am always inspired by music in different ways. It seems to be a part of me that taps into something of my cognitive brain to move in such a way. Different music taps into something different. Today I am sharing with you something you do not normally see from me.

First up, this group inspires me but it is this song that I love the most. The singer's words are heartfelt as are the photos presented throughout.

This is yet another song that I find to be so incredible. The song was sung at one of my best friends wedding. It is beautifully sung by this singer with two different males leads. Here she sings with the second of the two whom she first sang with when he was around 12 years old.

Finally, I just want to share this with you. Singing brilliantly for years with her Mother, she took off and her solo career has been amazing. She played on Touch By An Angel years back with an incredible performance. This piece was played as part of the show. This particular video however, was in dedication to one of the actors who passed away.


  1. Luv your inspy choices Naila - thanks for posting =)

    1. ps- are we ok to use your button at the top?
      Really like the message and creativity !

    2. TY for popping by and giving the permission, Naila!
      appreciate that [but would take it down if not ok!!]
      I've added your credit to it too ;) TY!

  2. What beautiful songspirational selections you shared with us, dear! I love everyone and these have filled me with a sweet delight this morning.

  3. These are so beautiful. I surely feel inspired. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Great choices especially Josh Groban and Celine Dion The Prayer

    Have a fantabulosa week ahead and don't do anything I would ;-)

  5. Okay let me wipe my eyes here cuz I saw that show with darn who first name escapes me, but the Judds I remember. She had a little boy that past in the show & he wanted her to sing. Celine and Josh amazing. What more can anyone say to that performance except I was surprised to see Joe Walsh in the audience. The first one was very uplifting and I think I've seen this before, but not sure. Great job my friend.

  6. Your songs are so sweetly inspirational. Just loved them.

  7. Testify to Love is one of my favourite inspirational songs. I remember the episode she sang in -- I so loved that show and was sad to see it go.
    I think Celene and Josh should sing together more often. that was beautiful.

  8. Great picks for this inspirational themed week Naila, I loved them! Also you asked me to take something off my blog? I hope it's off now - I didn't mean any harm whatever is was, okay? email me on facebook if you see any more problems. Have a great week. Woo hoo!

  9. Oh I love MercyMe!
    I enjoyed your selections!
    Thank you for sharing and hanging with us!
    Aloha :)

  10. Hey Girl, better late than never as they say! Marie says I'm supposed to hop around too besides just posting a song. This seems like to much work. I thought it was going to be fun LOL Just kiddin' it's okay and I do love music. Like the Mercy Me - those guys are not bad. Not into the next one too much but I have to admit they do have great voices. Thanks for sharing.

  11. OMG love the song Testify to Love one of my all time favorites by Wynona.


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