Friday, February 21, 2014

Sharing the Friday Love Fest

It's Friday and gorgeous outside...well, at least here it is! Ok, I have never done Fashback Friday but here is one for you. This is my kiddos and their God-parents on the day of their baptism. That is my Mom and Uncle to the left. They are Godparents to my daughter. My Dad is in the foreground. On the right is Kelly, one of my best friends and Chris whom was one of my best guy friends. He is now deceased.

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  1. Seeing everyone's photos for this meme is always so much fun! :)

    Enjoy that beautiful weather for me, too-it's cold and so windy I think the house might blow over. LOL

  2. Oh I know that feeling Kayla! I just had to go chase our garbage cans down, and our recyle bins were all over the porch. ;( Anyway, cute picture and so glad you joined cuz it's just you and me kid as Bogie would say!!! :( Maybe some advertising.. I don't know I'm signed up on all the linkys I know about... NOBODY LOVES ME~!!! :( Have a great weekend. Working on 4M next. HUGS.

  3. I love looking at old photographs! there's a special quality to them now since all our new gadgets are so fancy shcmancy. But I rather like how the older ones just say "memory" to me.


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