Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday...spreading the love by awareness

I am going to warn you right off that bat what you read from me today may be a little alarming but one I must write. We often go through our daily lives and not think about the people that help us make our lives easier. We do not think about how our gadgets or our food or our clothes have been made. We just have them and glad we do.

I want to make you aware of something that is happening in the world today, right now, right at this minute. That is modern day slavery. You heard me right, modern day slavery!

I read a couple of articles today that made me sick to my stomach. HERE is one to read right now. The one that really got me was the children on Lake Volta. Go ahead read it. I will wait.

If you really did read it, then now YOU are aware.

So, having said all that, I am sure you are wondering what that has to do with being thankful. Well, let me tell you. First of all, I am grateful I was born into a family that is loving and kind. A family that sees the value of the human being. A family that did not sell me into slavery because a debt needed to be paid.

Secondly, I am grateful that these articles have been written and that I read them in spite of  the sheer disgust I feel. It has allowed my awareness to be raised and hopefully now with me sharing, yours to be raised too.
Secrecy is often a killer!

This is the week of spreading the love. I challenge you to share these articles or at very least, my blog post. The idea of any kind of slavery should be stopped.
I am grateful to you if at least one of you raises that awareness.

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  1. It's so heart-breaking....and makes me so angry I see red. I cannot believe that one human could do this to another human being. For what? nothing but Greed. The very epitome of selfish entitlement. or worse, personal gratification when it involves the sex trafficking industry.
    This is why I support the Because I Am A Girl program. The girl we adopted is from an area that is the worst sexual trafficking area in the world. Hopefully we can save her from such a fate.


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