Friday, January 30, 2015

An open letter to someone I used to know...

Dear B.P,

It has been decades since I last wrote to you a real letter. Can you imagine?! I was still in grade school, 8th grade, but almost ready to go into high school. You were a bit older than me, I think at least 2-3 years maybe. For sure, you were already in high school but I loved getting your letters.

Did you know that I kept them in a special tin box? I did! I also hid them in my room so that my brothers did not get a hold of them. If they had, I never would have heard the end of it.

I don't know if you know or not, but I had a thing for you back then. Oh sure, Todd. was always in my classroom and I had an eye for him but wrote me letters and made me feel special. Seriously, I read and reread every single one.

Do you remember the first time that I wrote a sign off greeting in a different language? Oh yes, it became our thing to do.I don't know if you know but I found that phrase in the back of a Webster's Dictionary. Again, can you imagine?

Your words to me were beautiful and I always coveted them. Sometimes those words were the only thing that kept me going when I was seemingly having a bad time. Did you know?

Do you remember the time you called the radio station in my area and dedicated a song to me? I have never forgotten that, although, I seriously do not remember the song. Anyway, I remember you telling me about it later in one of your letters. It made me feel special and I never have had anyone else ever do that for me.

I remember you were a music nut too. You often wrote me lists of music you were listening to or music you thought I should listen to. I did too! I did because you asked me to.

Then, I went to high school. I heard from you that first year but less and less. I guess to this day, I never knew why. Then, your letters stopped altogether and I forever lost touch with you. It saddened me but for awhile, I still had your letters to reread.

Then, I didn't anymore. I don't know what happened to them.

I just wanted to say, thank you for making me feel like somebody...somebody special.

Even though it is 30+ years later, I never forgot about you and always wondered about you. My question now is...

Did you become a priest?

En ami,
Note for my blog readers, This is not a fake person or fake memory but a very real person. I have deleted his name and places that might identify him on purpose. This letter however was written as a blog prompt but quite heartfelt and true memories of him.  Tell me someone you used to know, what one thing would you say to him/her.~Naila Moon


  1. I must say this was thoughtfully presented. I enjoyed reading this and all the true emotions this person was able to create in you. You should really treasure it and thank you for sharing. I am visiting from Puzzle Me Complete and hope you visit my page.

  2. Oh wow... tears in my eyes for sure. What a cherished time in your life and this man actually made you who you are today because he brought out that special feeling in you to make you that special person you are today. I don't think this is silly at all. It's something you feel and had to say so why not say it here among friends. There is one person I would say something to, and that is thank you. Thank you for being there when I needed a friend. HUGS I'm always here for you Naila whenever you need a friend to talk too! HUGS


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