Sunday, January 25, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Freebie Day!

Welcome back to another Mondays Music Moves Me. This fun musical extravaganza is hosted byXmas Dolly and co-hosted by Becca, Colette, Stacy and myself. Link up for some fun time. Remember we have two linkys for now. The first linky is for social media sign up. The musical linky is below.

This week tends to be a favorite for all as it is a freebie week. Which means we get to post what we are listening to and would like you to listen to as well.

Friday night, I happened to catch a movie I had never seen starring Tom Cruise. It was called, "Rock of Ages". The movie was a remake from a Broadway musical which paid homage to big hair bands, boy bands, and '80s music. Of course I was inspired!

That long explanation leads me to the first entry of the day.

The first big hair bands is none other than Journey. A favorite that I often belted tunes from. This concert was live in Houston in 1981.

Next up: In the 1980' Robert Palmer was hitting the charts with several great songs. This one was from 1985. To this day I cannot figure out what the pale faced, red lip-women was all about but man, could they play!

Finally: Another singer and band that I loved, also big hair, was Bon Jovi. He rocked the house and made the women swoon. He is still singing music today but he looks nothing like he did back then. Let's rock on out of here with this song!

Link up the music below and rock on! ~Naila Moon


  1. Oh yeah, great tunes ya got here Sista!!! And look at these new buttons - you're letting your talent go to waste for sure!!! Thanks for the boogie... you have certainly ROCKED THE HOUSE!

  2. Good selections Naila I like Robert Palmer I used to love his version of Marvin Gaye's Mercy Mercy Me

    Have a tanfabulass week and I am sooo glad NAILA'S BACK LOL

  3. Excellent song selection to kick off a new week, Michelle! I haven't heard Addicted to Love in a long time. I had lots and lots of fun boogieing with you with these old classic. Thanks for hosting the best dance party in Blogosphere!

  4. Party over here! I love that song Addicted to love!

  5. I LOVE 80's music. And the three songs you've chosen for today? ALL favorites of mine. Woot! :) Thanks for the trigger of some great memories! ;) Have a great week, Naila!

    I Lived and i’ll Pray For You because i’m at the Bathroom Sink and Crushin’ It!

  6. Thanks for that trip down memory lane, Naila! I got to meet some of Bon Jovi (including Jon) back in 1989 - ahh, the good old days!

    Also: Shania Twain featured some pretty boys in black a la the Addicted to Love video in the video for one of her songs. I'm not sure which one, I just happened to be flipping channels. But I knew I'd seen that arrangement before when I landed on it!

  7. Oh my gooddness. Addicted to Love! I loved that song AND that video way back when!

  8. These are all wonderful songs! Great picks.

  9. Great song choices i'm a huge Bon Jovi fan. thanks for the dance.


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