Sunday, January 11, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...I'm back!

Hi everyone. It is Monday again and I am ready to rock out on the dance floor with you. Before I do I have an announcement...ready?

I am back as co-host for this musical fun extravaganza. Yep, I get to hang out with those musical gals of Xmas Dolly, Stacy, Becca, and Colette. I am excited to be back too. I took about a 6 month break but just could not stay away.

Just so there is no confusion, this first link up is a "follow" linky. You can add to it to if you need followers somewhere. I could use some followers on Instagram. Link what you need and I will be by. If you want to skip it, the link for music is below.

You might at this point be asking why I did not mention Cathy. Well, our friend had decided to leave the fold and pursue some blogging changes. She may pop in from time to time but no longer co-hosting.

So, having said that and the fact that this is a freebie week, I am dedicating the first song to her.

Moving on...

This past week I caught an episode of Ellen DeGeneres who had on Taylor Swift. Now, I admittedly never listened to her much but I enjoyed her music enough to post it here today.

Next I want to slow it down with an oldie but a goodie.

Finally: It has been awhile since I have heard this song. I really actually like it a lot, not sure why, I just do. It got me movin' today. Hope it does the same for you too.

Don't forget to link up. See ya soon! 


  1. You surely came back with a splash for the big time and totally ROCKIN' THE HOUSE! GOOD CHOICES! WELCOME BACK GIRLFRIEND! So happy you are too! So can I have the next dance? LET'S BOOGIE! WOO HOO! Roy Rogers & Dale Evans talk about my childhood... very cool! :)

  2. Welcome back. Great choices. Love Roy Rodgers and I have sat at the dock where Otis wrote the song.

  3. Welcome back Naila Happy New Year to you :-)

    Nice selections my fave out of them was Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

    Have a tanfabulous week :-)

  4. Thanks for the send off, Naila Moon. I will be around dancing whenever possible cause I just love this meme! Shake It Off really makes me wanna dance every time I here it. Thanks for the boogie time! ;)

  5. PS: Happy Birthday, girl! Here's hoping you have an extraordinary time on your special day!

  6. Wonderful choices lady and did I read above its your birthday! Here is an extra wish for an awesome day!

  7. Welcome back girl, but it's as if you never left. You are always here, welcomed.

    I love that Otis song!
    Very nice list.

    Have a great week!

  8. Great selections, Naila! I hadn't heard Happy Trails in FOREVER! Welcome back, and Happy Birthday, Chickie!

  9. I think I'm turning into a Taylor Swift fan. Now if I could only practice what she preaches.

  10. I'm doing a Happy Dance because you're back!! Don't look!! :) And, Happy Birthday to you... You live in a zoo... oh, wait... :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAILA!!! Hope you're going to party all week long...or month. Whatever. ;)

    LOVE all your choices! LOVE THEM ALL. That Taylor Swift song is one of my all time favorites of hers. I love her. All the rest? Icing on the cake! You ROCK! :)

    Whole Lotta Nothin’ when we’re Young & Crazy riding that Little Red Wagon until the Love Runs Out

  11. Shake it Off is a popular song with my nieces. they play it all the time very catchy.


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