Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Rock! #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Well, hello and welcome back to Monday. My gosh, I cannot believe we are already half way through the month. How does that happen?

Here we are at another terrific day to push our week off with a great start by posting music, Yes, it is time once again for MONDAYS MUSIC MOVES ME. This of course was said with flair and lots of bright lights.

I am co-hosting this fun shin-dig with our captain, Xmas Dolly and co-host, Becca, Stacy, and Colette. We have a theme for you this week. It is challenging but no doubt, my fellow musical people, you will manage it without a problem.

Post songs of bands and/or people with animal names in them.
The only rule is no one can post songs by The Beatles!
As clarification: the band or people have to have the name, not necessarily their songs.
As a hint, there are at least 100 bands/people with names of animals.
Before I get to that though, if you want to do the special follow linky here it is. NOTE: This is ONLY for following. Do not post music here. Post that below. I need Pinterest followers. How about you?
Now, back to the music. Ok, so I have got this! Put on your dancing shoes and let's go...
First up: Let us start out with Hootie and the Blowfish from 2000.

Next up: Let us throw back to one of my very favorite bands of the "80s. Off their 1987 album, I give you Def Leopard.

Finally: Let us keep rocking on with Blue Oyster Cult from 1976.

BONUS! What kind of fan would I be if I did not include these guys from 1966.

Link 'em up my friends.


  1. All great picks my friend. I finally finished mine and Dave's yelling more and more at me... aughhh he's driving me bonkers! LOL Great theme too by the way! I know it'll go over BIG! THANKS AGAIN AND WELCOME BACK AGAIN! You still got that GROOVY GROOVE~! :)

  2. All great picks. I was close to picking a couple but I didn't. Love your songs.

  3. Such wonderful choices! I never realized how many groups contained animal names for their titles. I love Blue Oyster Cult, Def Leppard, and Hootie and the Blowfish. I used to love The Monkees as a kid, but my crush on Micky faded.

  4. It goes so quick don't it Naila the older I get the quicker it seems to go I'm 21 (wink) I dread how quick it will go when I get older :-)

    You done well with your choices including animals nice ones too :-)

    Have a animaltastic week :-)

  5. Such great bands. I've heard Blue Oyster Cult before, but never knew the bands name. I like it.

  6. Cool bands here and it looks like we think alike on a couple. Had me starting my week off will a good dance party.

  7. I love the power of the songs of Def Leppard.

  8. Just realize I know that Monkees song :)
    Thanks for rocking girl.

    Have a fab week!

  9. Wonderful music selections for this week's theme! Thanks for putting the groove in my boogie!

  10. Oh my gosh. I LOVE your selections this week :)


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