Friday, March 20, 2015

10 Reasons I Don't Drink Coffee!

 Today is the first day of Spring...HALLELUJAH!

I thought to start this Spring day off, I needed to give you 10 reasons I don't drink coffee. Why today? Well, because it just seemed to be a good time.

1. I don't want to keep calm. If you need to stay calm, then you don't need coffee. Gah!
2. By the time I get up in the afternoon...the coffee pot is already empty due to one 
    said husband. He's selfish like that!
3. It takes a half of a pound of sugar and half a gallon of milk to make the perfect cup of coffee.
4. It is said that to sweeten the coffee there needs to have someone stir it with their finger. I am not         thinking I want someone's finger in my coffee. You never know where it has been. Eww...
5. There is no nearby Starbucks or coffee house where I live.

6. I would spill it down my new white shirt, then on to my new white pants, on the new white couch,       on to my new white tennis shoes, and finally hit the new white marble floor.
7. I do not look cool with my pinky up.
8. No coffee house sells Girl Scout Thin Mints with the coffee nor do I have any in the house. For the     love of Mike, why?
9. You can't play "spin the bottle" with a coffee cup.

and finally...

10. Just because I have no desire to drink it what-so-ever and I ran out of reasons why.

Have a good weekend and Spring day! ~Naila Moon


  1. There are all different kinds of flavors now. You ought to try different flavors and see if you like any. I love Vanilla... and there's caramel too... yummmmmm

  2. How about you just don't like coffee!! I think that is just the most excellent reason, because that's mine!


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