Monday, March 16, 2015

Funday on #MondaysMusicMovesMe 3/16/15

Hello one and all, welcome back to Monday. Of course this is also music day hosted by Xmas Dolly along with co-hosts, Stacy, Callie, and yours truly. Today we have a theme of "funny" songs so, I am going to change Monday to Funday!

Let's get on with it shall we?

First up since this week is St. Patrick's Day week, I thought I would start off with a bit 'o the Irish humor. These guys are quite new to me but I loved the fact they sing about the magical creature the unicorn. I give you, The Irish Rovers!

Next up: As many of you may have figured out I am a Queen fan, even more so, I am a Muppets fan. To put them together is just fantastic. What I think is absolutely Queen-fun-tastic is this mash up.

Finally: I went over to Weseland's page and he had a song that reminded me of another song. This particular one was several that Disney released as a Disco album in the 1970's. What humors me about the song, is my youngest brother would sing it entirely in a duck voice. The version I am sharing with you was remixed in 2009 with an even more livelier beat. I give you the best song ever about Donald Duck!

BONUS: I have to include this video today because, I am TOTALLY NOT sucking up, but for the sheer fact she is hilarious. She is a very popular vlogger and well, on occasion she has found me kind of funny too. I have introduced her special kind of music before. I give you Mullet Girl aka Mama Kat.

Happy Funday! ~Naila Moon


  1. What a fun, fun video of Mama Kat! She lip syncs better than a lot of artists! Your 4M picks are tunetastic ~ you put the boogie in my move and brought lots of smiles to my face this morning. :D

  2. Fun choices heheh! love the muppet and the cup one :-)

    Have a tanfasticated week Naila and I do believe your not a robot :-)

  3. Lovely Muppets inthis wonderful and fun version of the great Queen song!

  4. Fun song picks, although the furry muppets are not Queen.

  5. Thanks for all your music.
    I hope your week is starting off great!

  6. Love love LOVE all your choices, Naila! Lots of fun over here today - and I thought Mama Kat did an awesome job on lip syncing that song!! I probably should have gotten her autograph when I had lunch with her at Bloggy Boot Camp years ago before she was 'famous'. ;) Thanks for the giggle! :)

    Online Celebrity – I’m Gonna Miss Her… YOLO!

  7. Love your first tune! Always did! Great timing too! :) Thanks for the belly laugh! Gotta fly way behind! bwahahahahaha


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