Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...Caribbean Theme

Hey, it's the first Monday of March! March madness begins, St. Patrick's Day, and whatever else we can dream up!  That also means it's time for another whirlwind of music by the Monday's Music Moves Me gals. You know us...hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Stacy, Colette, and yours truly.

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This week we have the theme of Caribbean music. Now, I am guessing this could be a little loosely interpreted so I shall see what I can come up with.

First up:  Caribbean Gospel
This gal is new to me but I love her voice and the sound! The video is gorgeous too. Don't you think so?

Next up: Latin Caribbean
This song features a lot of singers including Mr. Sexy, Pitbull.

Let's see: Caribbean Carnival
This one will get you moving if the others haven't...well, at least your hips. *grins*

Finally: Classic Caribbean Calypso
This should be familiar to everyone!

Ok-one more just because I happen to like the song and maybe this version. *wink*

That all folks. Link up and I will see you tomorrow. ~Naila Moon


  1. Oh wow, I almost didn't recognize Shakira, but those last two songs fantastic... I never would have thought of those two, but they're perfect. Ingenious! bwahahahaha Love it and I haven't heard them in so long I had to play them both... hahaha Love it! YOU ROCK!

  2. Love your selections, Naila! (especially Kermit, haha!)

  3. too funny - I was just singing Lime in the Coconut the other day!
    well done, Naila - and thanks for the linky follow opps - added a cpl of mine
    and I know we're connected via G+ and twitter..

  4. Nice selections and I'm moving my hips LOL

    Have a hiptastic week :-)

  5. Got to love Kermit. Great selections.

  6. I did not know this song Blue Waters, but Carlene Davis is definitely a favorite.

    What a great list! You definitely rocked this theme Michelle!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fantastic week!

  7. Happy video of Brazilian carnival with a happy song! That beautiful images!

  8. It makes me want to grab a pina colada and head to the beach.


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