Friday, March 20, 2015

#Review: SmartTech Gloves #gloves

I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would anyone want to talk about gloves, especially on the first day of Spring? Well, let me tell you why.

It is because we just finished Winter and this past winter was extremely cold! Heck, some of us still have snow on the ground. Yes, we still may need gloves and warm ones too. These Smart Tech Gloves are just the ones you need too. 

Why, you ask? Well, first of all, some gloves are just not as warm as they pretend to be. I put these on and my hands became instant warmth. This is a plus in extreme cold weather.

 However, that is not all and the best reason you need these, If you are like me, you have a cell phone and like to text. Or maybe even use your cell to check out social media while you are out. Have you ever tried to do those things with gloves on? Of course you have and it isn't easy at all! In fact, if you are like me, you have taken your gloves off and immediately your hands start freezing.

Well, not with these! I was skeptical at first because I seriously did not thing that I could do any kind of cell phone work with these gloves on. However, indeed I did.

I had no problem texting or pushing any of the buttons on my cell phone. Win! I am so happy with these gloves that before Winter hits again, I will be buying another pair for the hubby and maybe for the kids too. They come in the colors of black or grey.

Oh and one more thing...

"Our Famous 100% Winter-Smart "Wear-antee". 
If our #1 Best Gloves construction quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind our premium products. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your purchase for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today."


Disclosure: I received a pair of these gloves for my open and honest opinion. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ with yours. ~Naila Moon

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