Saturday, March 14, 2015

Song-suasion:Irish Eyes

Hello my friends. Today is Pi Day, not that means much to me but I thought I would mention it. (Sadly), I never was much one for math but no matter, I will be plussed (see what I did there) by it anyway just for today.

Also today, many people are out celebrating early the wearing of the green today. I was going to go to our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade that I have missed every year since I moved here, but in keeping with tradition, I am missing it again. At this writing, it starts in 45 minutes but is 1 hour from my home. sigh...,

So, since I am joining my musical buddy, Cathy K. today for Song-suasion, I thought I would do a battle between those wonderful folks who have sung the music of Ireland.  The song I am choosing is. "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." Tell me in comments who you think does it best.

Have a great day and eat some green pi! ~Naila Moon


  1. Oh my Cathy! You'll NEVER believe this, but I featured this song on tomorrow's BoTB post. What a wild coincidence! Be sure to stop by to vote for your favorite artist, girlfriend! Nice line up for #SaturdaySongsuasion!

  2. Cute Irish tunes! Happy St. Patty's Day! I managed to get one up too! HUGS.

  3. I love this song!!! I will probably have to miss St Paddy's this year as my father just went into the hospital. I don't think they will let me sneak some green Guinness beer into him, although he'd probably appreciate it. :)


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