Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday Sayings and some thoughts....Determination #quotes #A-Z

I have been wracking my brain the last couple of weeks about what I was going to do for the A-Z challenge this year. I have decided to do both of my main blogs which could be an insane thing to do but that is why we have challenges.

On my Reading Authors blog, I have already decided to do book reviews which are all kid lit related. That makes total sense but this blog...

So, then just yesterday, it came to me. I have decided to do a music blog every day that corresponds with the letter of the day. It makes sense for me to do the two themes I absolutely love.

So, come back on April 1st as I kick off the A-Z Musical Extravaganza! *chuckles*
I would love it if you come by every day and comment too. I need the encouragement to keep going!

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