Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 23...Where I Am From

For today's blog, I thought I would join up with Mama Kat's and her fun writing prompts. This would be my very first from her site. This looked fun to do so I thought I would give it a shot. Remember those Mad Libs things we used to do as kids. This is basically loosely based on that. The template she used is at the bottom of this page. Make sure you link up with her. Also, welcome back to Java at Follow Friday!


I am from the Mirror On My Wall, from Cracker Barrel and Pepsi.

I am from the lovely old, brick, white-painted rooms apartment complex, cinnamon and spice home where the cat roams.

I am from the red roses and green grass, the huge maples of reds, yellows and golds.

I am from the annual Christmas parties and Thanksgiving dinners, from Grandmother D and Uncle Jim and the family whose Dad was adopted and only child.

I am from the minor family uproars but who loves each other to death and the ones who have seen an entire country or two.

I am from the Tooth Fairy leaves me money for lost teeth and although Santa brings presents on Christmas Day, it is the Christ Child that is most important.

I am from the United Methodist Church to Catholic Church, who was raised to believe that God should always come first in your life.

I’m from the home of the Grand Ole Opry, where Elvis still lives, where mac 'n cheese and bologna sandwiches run supreme.

From the southern backwoods of Missouri, where you really do walk five miles to school, first to arrive and start the wood burning stove, from the father who could see details behind the camera like no one else could and a mother who believed in health and spirituality, from an uncle who's peacefullness and love of nature I must have inherited, although he was never known to me. 

I am from moldy scrapbooks, whose edges are frail and the boxes of Kodak slides gently placed on a shelf among other white boxes full of the images of my youth. I am from the pages of yellowed albums passing the moments tucked in to rickety book shelves that holds the camera waiting to make more memories for the generations to reveal. Blessings of a large and loving family.


The WHERE I’M FROM Template

This template came from HERE

I am from _______ (specific ordinary item), from _______ (product name) and _______.
I am from the _______ (home description… adjective, adjective, sensory detail).
I am from the _______ (plant, flower, natural item), the _______ (plant, flower, natural detail)
I am from _______ (family tradition) and _______ (family trait), from _______ (name of family member) and _______ (another family name) and _______ (family name).
I am from the _______ (description of family tendency) and _______ (another one).
From _______ (something you were told as a child) and _______ (another).
I am from (representation of religion, or lack of it). Further description.
I’m from _______ (place of birth and family ancestry), _______ (two food items representing your family).
From the _______ (specific family story about a specific person and detail), the _______ (another detail, and the _______ (another detail about another family member).
I am from _______ (location of family pictures, mementos, archives and several more lines indicating their worth).

Mama's Losin' It

Until tomorrow...peace,
Naila Moon 


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Hello Dahlink! I discovered your blog at the 'Never Growing Old' blog hop.

I am loving the 'Where you are from' very poetic. Except the Bologna sandwich which just sounded downright tasty!

I am now following you - hope you can stop by my blog too ;-)

SImple and Serene Living said...

I loved reading where you are from. Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy new follower from the over 40 blog hop.