Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7...It's All Greek To Me`

This semester I only took one college class. Frankly because that is all I could afford...but I digress.  The class I am taking is Mythology.

I am a history major and as history is often consumed with mythology as well it seemed a logical course for me. Ha Ha...mythology and logic!

This afternoon I was caught up in my homework. As most of the day I felt like crappola, what else was there to do? This professor gives us just about daily quizzes to see if we are actually reading the book. Who knew that is what you are supposed to do with them? Seriously, you would be amazed at how many books I have bought and then the book is not used in the classroom.

Anyway, right now we are getting ready to discuss Greek Mythology and in particular, Homer's Iliad.
Of course to lead up to the reading of the story, I have about twenty pages of history behind the writing of it. See what I mean?

It is not like I haven't heard the story outlined in the Iliad but as usual I have forgotten the details over the years.  I suppose it is a good thing the story was first handed down verbally and then orally! 

Well, off to read some more. Ah, maybe not, I feel a coughing fit coming on.

Speaking of Greeks, I am including this video for your listening pleasure. Besides the fact that Yanni is a fantastic musician, he is simply eye candy as well. You can't get more Greek than him! (To the male reader of my blog, please pardon me, otherwise ladies, carry on. Ha!)

Until tomorrow, peace...Naila Moon

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