Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 29...Top 10/gadgets

This week Beth at A Work in Progress asks us to list the Top 10 Gadgets or Gizmo's I simply cannot live without. I thought about this and well... see what you think.

1.Matches! Now, you are thinking "what"?  However, there was a time when this would have been a great invention and coveted. As I love to light candles, I simply cannot do without them!

2. Phones: over the course of my life, I have had different kinds of phones. I wish I had a cell right now because frankly, it stinks not being able to communicate when I need to. I used to have one like this:

3. Cochlear implants: without this, I do not hear! What is kind of crummy right now is mine has been broken for two weeks! 

4. Laptop: what in the world did I ever do without one! Honestly, though, like my cochlear, it is broken right now and at the computer hospital! gah! Oh, the withdrawls!

5. Flat screen TV: oh the joys, of looking at the flat screen in high definition!  People make fun of mine and Tamirisc's because is...tiny in comparison to others. However, that is not the case at my Mom's house. 

6. Wii: I do love bowling! There has been a few competitions at my house thanks to this wonderful item.

7. Hand can opener: I would be absolutely lost without mine. We bought an electric can opener and the dang thing gave us nothing but fits. We ended up giving it away and have not bought one since.

8. Nikon camera: I go absolutely nowhere without my camera. Currently, I own a purple Nikon but soon...VERY SOON...I will own a better camera. For now, it will suffice.

9. Flash drive...aka The Memory Stick: this is something else I always have with me. I am amazed at how often I use it and actually do need it. Check this one out made of recycled materials.

10. Skype: before my laptop went to the "hospital", I was using Skype to call everyone...aka, no phone. However, I use Skype at school as my real-time captioners use it for my classes. Oh, what a blessing!

Until next time...peace,
Naila Moon

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  1. Awesome list, Naila! Sorry it took me so long to come by. Life has been crazy but is promising to ease up soon! I hope! :)


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