Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday before Halloween

Me last year
I like Halloween. Ok, there, I said it.  
I have always found it to be a fun time. 
My Mom always let us dress up for Halloween and most times, she dressed up too. If there was any scary stuff it was all in the fun, not the gory.  I still do not do gory. Oh and of course candy!

Me and Mom...circa ??? Believe it or not this was going to be for her school

I thought what I would do this week which leads up to next Monday,  a special week of Halloween stuff.  So, today I want to talk about Halloween legends.

There is nothing better than telling a "true legend" than around a campfire. Believe me, I have told a few myself and managed to spook the pants off of a couple of people.  Heck, I have even spooked myself to where I couldn't sleep that night.

By doing a little research, I found out that some of the legends told even today are often crossed with traditional folk tales and can be as old as a century old to 2000 years old. I suppose the one I know the most is the Legend of Sleepy Hallow.  Watch out for the headless horseman behind you! bwah ha ha ha

Anyway, the tales are fun and if you need a good spook this Halloween try some of these on for size. What is your favorite spooky story? Tell me in the comments below or post on your page with a link for me.

1. Hook
2. College Lights
3. Skinned Tom
4. The Backseat
5. The Doberman

Check back in tomorrow for my next Halloween installment.
 ~Naila Moon

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