Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday stuff on Tuesday...oops!

As I have no computer at home, I missed my usual Monday stuff, Meet Me Monday and Monday's Music Moves Me (see below for that) However, have no fear! I am just posting late! :-0

Let me start off with Meet Me Monday hosted by Java at Never Growing Old.

The Questions:

1.  The best part of waking up each day is __________?

Knowing I am loved but those who love me!

 2.  How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

After all, I could brag about how young I look! ROFL!!!!

3.  Red or Green Apples?


4.  Do you forgive easily?

Yeah, actually I do. I hold no grudges and if angry I get  
over it pretty quickly.
5.  If you could live in any home on a television series, which would it be?

I actually don't know. I guess I will go with the Star Trek Enterprise (my hubby is going to love me for this one). The reason is, doors open for you, you can beam from place to place, you use voice command for cooking, you get to talk to people with the push of a button, you have instant health care, you can use the fantasy decks to fulfill any fantasy and you get to travel the galaxy!

Now on to Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly.

This week is 'Freebie' week which means I get to chose any tunes I choose.  Since I am late in posting this week, I am going to do something a little different and only two videos. So, without further ado...

For my children:

For my husband:

Spotlight Dancers

Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. aWWWWWW Not to worry! I was busy all day yesterday myself, and as you can see I'm just finishing up saying hello to everyone from yesterday! Thanks so much for winding things up for us, and sharing your beautiful songs and so beautifully dedicated. Hugzzzzz & have a great day! See ya next week!


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon