Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top peeves

Do you get aggravated at certain things over and over? Yeah? Me too. Well, this week's Top 10 addresses those issues...well, at least list them. Check out our host, Beth's Top 10 here.
Mine listed below are not in any particular order. Don't you just hate that? lol

1.  My hubby's clothes, wallet, and stuff left wherever he drops it.
2.  My hubby asking me where his stuff is!
3.  People who chew with their mouth open.

4.  People who do not drive at least the speed limit.

5.  Getting behind trucks when I am driving the speed limit and
     needing to get somewhere.
6.  People who sneeze and do not wash their hands or use the 
     alcohol stuff and then put said hands on door knobs, computer 
     boards etc.

7.  Those verification things for Blogger.
8.  People who gripe about everything on Facebook.
9.  Gas prices.

10. The extremely slow elevator at my college. (Seriously, there
      are only three floors and it takes at least 2-3 minutes between 

So, what is your pet peeves? Let me know. Really, I like comments! ;-)
~Naila Moon



  1. You better not come visit my actual list .... Facebook made the top 10 at least 5 times! :)

    And this was a GREAT list! Thanks for joining in!


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