Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thursday before Halloween...Top 10 Costumes

My Mom
As it is Thursday, that means it is Top 10 day hosted by Beth. This week it is your top 10 Halloween costumes. Isn't it perfect that is what I was going to talk about today?

Ok, I admit it, I planned it that way. Anyway...before I mention my top 10 let me tell you some more past stories.

As I mentioned before, my Mom allowed us to dress up. What I didn't tell you was that we almost always had homemade costumes. I do not mean she sewed them...oh, no...she found ways to make the best costumes ever.  I passed this along to my kids as it were.
Tamirisc and I and our homemade costumes 2009

Remember I was telling you about my baby brother winning the costume contest? Well, she put him in one of my old dance outfits, complete with tutu. Yep, cute as a bugs ear and no one new he was a boy.  This is the same brother who is now a lifer in the Army! I wish I had a photo of him would blackmail! lol

One year, I took my kids to Goodwill...excellent place for costumes...I got an old wedding dress and a green men's shirt. My kids went as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein. This was complete with the green face for "Frank" and white pale face and teased large hair for the "wifey". Somewhere I had those photos too. sigh...

Anyway, the point is, you don't have to go expensive but if you want to, it is ok to do so! One of things, I like to do is go to local stores and rope my family and friends in to trying on mask and take photos of them. Just something fun to do. See???

On to Top 10!!!

I found the first 9 on Pinterest (fabulous site...look me up)
Fantastic for people in wheelchairs! Love it!!

For all rocker dudes/dudettes

Knights in shining armor

Angry birds..owl?

raining cats and dogs

Spaghetti...too cute

spider and web...very clever

for those who just don't do Halloween

I totally love this Princess!!!
The last one I found just for my Mom and Tamirisc. *grins*

What is your favorite costume? Share it with me. Come by tomorrow for another installment.
~Naila Moon

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