Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday before Halloween...treats!

As I have been blogging all week about different things of Halloween. What? You say you did not catch those. Well follow the days links below.

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I thought today I would share some fun treats.
We all like to get treats don't we? Of course we do. In the past when I have passed out treats, I have always passed out wrapped candy (Safer of course) but I have made treats for school parties. 
I wish to share a few that I found.

Rice Krispy Spiders-these are easy and fun. I actually made these for a class that I was taking in college. It was for a "how to" in speech class.You can make them different colors and of course put them on a web of black licorice.

Rest in Pea(s) Dip-I found this recipe from Martha Stewart and just thought it was too cute.

 Shrunken Heads in Cider-this was another recipe I found from Martha Stewart. Although it is a drink, I thought the "heads" in it was fantastic.

Black cat cookies-what say Halloween more than black cats. The only thing is, I could not understand why they are not black but I am sure very yummy!

Stuffed Jack-o-lanterns-this recipe is from the creators own but you could probably do what ever you like to stuff them with. I will definitely be doing these!


Candy Apple Monsters-I thought this was a cute twist on the traditional candied apples. yummy!

Oreo eyeballs- when you scream your eyes pop out right? Well, here is a recipe to make everyone scream (with delight).

The truth is there is a vast amount of treats, drink and fun food you can make for Halloween. I only named a few. You can follow my links for some more ideas or of course just Google.

What are your favorite treats? Tell me about them?
Oh, and make sure you tune in tomorrow for my next installment before Halloween.

~Naila Moon


  1. All the treats looked great but the stuffed peppers peaked my interest!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG: I need to make the eye ball one...I can give Kitra one and tell her "here hunny, I made you an eye ball" (she has a glass eye because of cancer as a child). LOL


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