Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 30...oh bother!

Although this last post is a day late, this was supposed to be my post for the last day of September.  I really do not think I need to say more except this is what my husband faced as of the 30th. sigh....


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  1. I was fired Friday, but I spoke to my spiritual teacher and truly did let go and let guide and I can't believe how things have been just falling into place. In just two days I have had two offeres to help me with my business plan and possibly even co sign and back me for my business (a slower step I want to take but something I am discussing and looking into) but I also had a photography job offer and a studio land in my lap for a lot less then I expected to pay a month. I ended up with two photo shoots. I am just totally amazed and blessed. I am hoping for you and yours to be as well.


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