Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An open letter to...

An open letter...

Dear Anonymous,

I have to begin by saying I love getting comments on my blog. It pleases me because that means someone takes the time to ACTUALLY READ my blog.  I often find the comments to be thought provoking and MAKE SENSE to the topic at hand.

I think the fact that you come by is truly special. Your two to three sentence replies to my blogs are unreal. However, I am beginning to have issue with you, Anonymous.

You see, you take up my precious time that I could be reading other people's comments that have real names and oh yes, real photos.  Although your comments are sometimes...well, shall I say...interesting, it pains me to see that you missed the whole point of my blog.  Did you not really read it?

I also find it quite interesting that your own "personal" blog would always leave me to some ad page. Are you aware this is happening? If not, I certainly think you should fix that. I mean seriously, you do not want some troll SPAMMING your page. Do you?

So, until you come to terms with all of this, I will have to continue to delete you and possibly not allow you EVER to be on my blog again. I really hope this does not happen but it is coming to that.

With much care and concern,
Naila Moon


  1. I don't get many comments but I had to cut out anonymous comments too, for that reason. weird comments, not a real blogger....What I really hate is the 'prove you are not a robot' and write these letters..not easy. you have really come a long way with your blog, it's great.

    1. Thank you Linda. My blog continues to evolve as I do. :) I appreciate you and all my loyal readers that come by, read and say hello.
      ~Naila Moon

  2. Way ta go, Girlfriend! Gee, you really are concerned for Anonymous. It really would be a shame wouldn't it (~snicker-snicker~), but also you forgot to mention that it would also be a shame if someone misunderstood their attentions, and possibly turned them in to the Google Police or the Spam Police. I hear they're really tracking down these bad people (not saying anonymous is bad of course ~ snicker), but saying that those terrible links that are following them could get them in so much trouble. I hear, for example, gambling IS against the law! Isn't it? Great Post my friend! Thanks for being such a good person! How's Mom? Getting along fine I hope. My prayers are still with her! Hugs.

  3. Hi Naila,

    First of all, I am sorry that I am not using a real photo but only a cartoon anime. well... its because my daughter draw it for me and I am proud to use it as my profile picture in all my blogs, FB and Twitter.


    I have my real picture in my blog. So I hope you don't mind... (^^)

    It's morning already and I have to prepare breakfast so I will see you soon for 'Thankful Thursday and A Song'

    Happy Thursday! Hugs o-----(^.^)-----o

    1. I do not mind a picture at all. *chuckles*


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon