Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song (Link up)

Hello everyone from Sedona, AZ. I am here for a few weeks helping my Mother out because she is going to have knee surgery on Monday.

Today is Thursday and it is the day I post what I am grateful for this week.
 Link up with me and my blogger bud, Xmas Dolly below and let's share together.

I have to say being in Sedona is so beautiful and I am grateful for the beauty that the creator affords the people that live and visit here everyday.

I am really grateful for the technology that got me here though, that being airplanes. I got a peek at the pilots cockpit and it is an absolute marvel. I would be lost in all of that!

So there it is for me this week. A lovely scenery to enjoy that I was able to see because I flew here.

So happy to revel in it.

What are you thankful for this week? Tell us about it and of course please link up.
~Naila Moon


  1. Sorry I didn't Post yet I got to get over there to do that, but I'm so far behind with my give-aways it may be pushed down quickly. I'll visit everyone eventually though. Hope you're having a a wonderful visit with your mum! I shall remember her in my prayers. What a great choice here with regards to your thankfulness. How about some new pictures of that new grandbaby of yours too!?! hugs

    1. Thanks my friend. I will have some grands pics as soon as my kid's send them or I can "borrow" them from FB. lol

  2. Offering up a prayer for your mom and the success of her surgery. Thanks so much for hosting. :-)


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