Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Snaps week 10-3/9/13

Hey, welcome to another addition of Saturday Snaps.

I am sliding in here on this snowy morning to bring you this weekly meme of mine. YES, I am once again late. Oh please forgive me!

However, if I am late like today, you can always link up with my buddy and blog pal, Xmas Dolly.
If you do not already know, this is a blog hop! Wheee...

Ok, here are my offerings for the week. There is not much though because I have been having camera issues. These are also VERY raw, straight out of the camera.

Motorcycle parked outside my front door

The owner of said motorcycle and one of his kids

Tamirisc looking like the Michelin Man-10 of 52

gifts given
Me looking pretty rough and obviously NOT wearing the above-10 of 52

something I NEVER get to hold

The featured photo this week is....drum roll....snare....banjo...ok, ok.........................

Chronicles of the Man Cave

~Naila Moon


  1. Great snaps for this week! Sometimes the best snaps are the raw straight-from-the-camera ones ^.^

  2. So where's the hubby? How come he isn't showing off some pics!?! DUH! I'm going over there, and tell him somethin!!! He needs to back you up when you're doing stuff!!! hmph!!!! :0 ~snicker~ Cool pics (although I did already see them hehehe). I have the exact same remote!!! Have a great day!

  3. Hello Dolly, Haaa I knill me.

    I did back up my fair lady, just took some time, I posted my pictures this morning at 4:.A.M. EST before the rest of you were awake lol.

    M' lady Naila, great photos, you did exceptionally well. Loved the ones of the motor cycle. I think they have left, if not they are snow bound like the rest of us.

    Lovely photo of you as always.


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