Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mondays Music Movie...My Life in Music

Happy Monday everyone. As you know, I am honorary co-conductor this month of the music train hosted by Xmas Dolly and he co-conductors of Stacy, Callie and Cathy.

Congratulations to our Spotlight Dancer, Becca!

Spotlight Dancers

This week is a bit of challenge as it comes from my number 1 man, Tamirisc aka Chronicles of the Man Cave. He is challenging us this week to post songs that tell a story about our life or one encompassing song that can do the same thing. Whoa!! This is gonna be a ride so, hold on!

So as I was born in January of 1968 in a snow storm, I will start there.

The 70's and into the early 80's was all about school and traveling in the Summers. My parents always thought it was important we learned history through seeing places. For the record, I have been to 48 states and 3 countries. Some state numerous times.

One very poignant trip was traveling the original 13 colonies. We saw wagon trains all over the place. My Mother made us special outfits to wear too.

The outfit I am wearing here is the one my Mom and I wore for the '76 trip.

From 1982-1986 It was all about high school, partying and having a good time. Well, with working thrown in there too.

This group was the people I ran around with and partied with. I am still friend with some of them to this day.

During these years I met my first real love. His name was Aaron. We were engaged for 3 of the 6 years we were together. (For the record, we never married)
This song was the theme song from my Senior prom and yes, that is us.

Senior Prom circa 1986

Me the High School graduate in 1986

Our class song:

In the Fall of 1986 I found myself in college for the first time. I was supposed to be majoring in Elementary Ed. instead I was majoring in Billiards and fun!

 I am going to leave you here until next week. I promise to share more so you have to come back.
~Naila Moon


  1. What a fun and interesting peak into chapters of your life! I loved every description leading up to your song picks - super job!

    Thanks for being our honary co-hosts this month on Monday's Music Moves Me - you totally rock!

  2. All excellent Girls Just Wanna Have Fun brings back some fond memories, nice prom photo heheh!, thanks for sharing.

    Have a musiclicious week ;-)

  3. Good song choices to represent times/phases of your life!

  4. Oh wow! You've had quite the interesting (and fun) life, haven't you, Naila? Loved the walk down memory lane - and love your song choices! :) Thanks so much for being our co-conductor this month! :)

    Born This Way which means I Have Friends In Low Places, but I find solace In My Daughter’s Eyes while she does the Minecraft Style to my Momisms with a Parent Rap

  5. And there was me thinking the "Happy Birthday" song was in tribute to me LOL J/K :-) Happy Music Monday to you Naila x

  6. I'm loving your picks, Prince can really throw down the funk and Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway.

  7. You and your husband are pretty good at this story telling. I am hooked!
    Can't wait to read more!


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