Monday, March 4, 2013

Book Review and Giveaway... The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle

If you recall a few weeks ago,  I reviewed a book by author, Linda Cadose. I thought her book was great so, I was excited when she sent me her next installment, The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle.

The story picked up with the main character of  Dr. Cliff Post, the archaeologist, who along with his adopted son, Matt and marine archaeologist, Kyle Wilson, has just discovered an under water pyramid in the Bermuda triangle just off the coast of Cuba.

The discovery leads to many more finds including mummies in water tight coffins, walls with cryptic hieroglyphs and a treasure trove of other goodies.

The exploration of the pyramid  also lead to a special item that proves Dr. Post's theory of aliens and the lost city of Atlantis. Of course that item gets stolen and cause a couple of twists in the story including someone getting shot! Whoa!

As Linda Cadose did with the last book, she packs this one with a ton of information including a couple of recipes. Yes, recipes!

The reader learns about the Bermuda Triangle, pirates, scuba diving, and so much more. If that is not enough, the book is written based on a real archaeological find. How cool is that?

This book is once again targeted to the 9 year old and up particularly for boys. However, upon reading this book, I would push it closer to high school age. Linda Cadose did try to incorporate girls more in to this story with the addition of a sister for the character, Matt.

Among the pages of The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle is an underlying story that could be construed as very adult topics: the dynamics of marriage where deception takes place, divorce and effects on children, and finally political slants.

I really find Linda Cadose to be an excellent writer and I think her story is fantastic by itself. However, as I mentioned in my last review of her previous book, I think that story does get lost in all of the information.
Since she has a love for history and archeology, I would like to see maybe a book just about that.

I have recently found out she is in the writing process of another book and I look forward to reading this new one when it comes out.

Guess what?  Linda Cadose is generously once again offering this book to one of my fantastic readers. Enter in the rafflecopter below.

~Naila Moon

You can find Linda Cadose and her books:

Linda Cadose, Adventurer and Storyteller Extraordinaire

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