Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Hops and Featured Faces March 1st

Hey everyone TGIF!  Hopping around to all the Friday Hops and having a good o' time over here.
Let's get started!


Friday Free For All

This is hosted by my blog buddy Stacy of Stacy Uncorked.

It is just what it says it is. Hook up your linkies and Friday stuff over there.

 She is a good gal and has the wine flowing. If you like it, buy some! :)

A Mommy's Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

You Like Me Friday

This is hosted by April and again is just what it says.

There are no rules linky and just go and check out everyone else.

Friendship Friday

This meme is hosted by the creative genius of Create With Joy.  She usually gives you some theme to follow but is ok with you linking up whatever too.

This week's theme is: Dogs!
The questions this week: What are your  favorite breed of dogs? What is your favorite dog movie?

My answer: I really like the terrier breed or a mutt mix of terrier. I also like beagles. *grins*

Of course my favorite movies are ones with Snoopy in it!  I also liked the series of Benji. The movies All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Lady and the Tramp. All favorites for sure.


Featured Faces Friday

This is my Grandma when she was only three years old. She helps me host Featured Faces Friday. In case you did not know, I feature 1-2 of my followers every week.

The 'winners' of the week get their face and blog featured on my blog page for an entire week.  You will see yourself in the upper right hand part of my page.

If you are featured, please grab Grandma's photo.

For everyone else, please visit those featured and follow them. Of course say hello!


Haupi Justice

April (turns out, she has a blog hop too)

**Come by tomorrow for Saturday Snaps and Sunday for Sunday Vlogging.
~Naila Moon


  1. Following you from Friendship Friday. That's a lot of hopping. Not sure if I have time today. But thanks for telling us.

  2. Yay! Thank you for featuring me :)

  3. I had a terrier mix before. She looked just like Benji and her name was Scraps. Someone tossed her out in the middle of a blizzard. My father and I put a leash on her...thinking she would lead us to her home. She brought us right back to our own a blizzard. My father's mustache had icicles hanging off of it - it was that cold. She was our companion for many years...

    I like Lady and the Tramp too :)

    Happy Belated Friendship Friday.


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