Monday, March 4, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...March 4, 2013

Well, hello everyone and welcome back to the 4M's. I am so excited today for many reasons.

First we are out of the humdrum of February and moving on toward Spring! Whee.....

 Next, I am honored to be co-hosting this month with the always fabulous, Xmas dolly and the music train co-host of Stacy, Cathy, and Callie. Whoot, whoot!

 Congrats to our Spotlight Dancer this week Wayne of Touristic!

Spotlight Dancers
--- Just a note of housekeeping: Make sure you go over to Xmas Dolly's site and pick up her new buttons. All the old ones go to her old blog. She has brand spankin' new ones over there! ------

This week we have a "Freebie" week which I always like because you find so much new music and enjoy the old! So, since this is the first week of my co-hosting duties for March, I want to make sure that I dance well with you.

First up:

Next up:

Oh yes and another:

Final call to dance ya all:

~Naila Moon


  1. Brilliant!I am exhausted after that heheh!

    Have a dancetastic week and don't do anything I would ;-)

  2. A dance selection - I enjoyed it although I have two left feet. It's nice to imagine I can dance :D I love David Bowie!

  3. You got me dancing in my seat, girl! Great choices - Have a marvelous day,

  4. Wow! BLAST FROM THE PAST! I love the last one! What a find. All those old programs even the Patty Duke show! hahahaha The others were super too even a couple of new ones. :) Great show on your first ride as Honorary co-conductor! WOOOOOO A WOOOOOOO OH GOTTA RUN - Train is leaving for the next stop... come one we'll boogie over there!!! WATCH IT DON'T STEP ON MY TOES! hahhahaha

  5. Those are all great tunes to dance to! Got me moving! :) Thanks so much for co-hosting with us this month - you ROCK! :)

    The Cello Song lets you Get Your Shine On the Open Road I’m Runnin’ Out Of Air so Tonight I’m Getting Over You… Stompa!

  6. great minds think alike we were both changeling Bowie today

  7. The Wombats were new to me and I liked them. The 60s dance video was so funny! Have a great week!

  8. Yep....I wanna dance :)

    the David Bowie one will always be the best.

  9. Ooh talk about partying. I love all the tunes! My fave is #1 Bowie!

    Thanks for rocking out girl.

    Have a great week!

  10. With all your picks I definitely feel like getting up and dancing! ^.^

    I especially like the Wombats song-Gotta look into them more!

    Thanks for sharing my friend. Hope you have a musical week :)

  11. Oooh - I do love me some David Bowie! Great selections for 4Ms :)


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