Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Halloween story...Coffee Chat.

Today I am hanging out with Rory at Time Out For Mom. She has Tuesday coffee chats and some prompt to chat about. (Rory, hope you do not mind that I changed your coffee cup a bit.)

This week we are finishing a story line.  The first part is in itallics (her prompt) and the other is me finishing the story. Enjoy! ~Naila Moon

It was a dark and stormy night.  

The rain pelted against the tin roof of the old house.   The wind shook it's windows.  

A stormy symphony of sound that raised the hairs on your arms...and sent the cat into hiding somewhere in the dark corners of the manse.   How could a night that was supposed to be so full of sweet promise - turn so frighteningly sour?


The storm had knocked out the satellite.    Alone in the dark and with nothing to occupy her thoughts,  Amy sat on the very edge of the couch; nervously wringing her hands.  The soft glow of the fire casting shadows upon her pale face.
Suddenly two bright beams cut the darkness through a dirty streaked window.  The intense lights highlighting the startled look on her eyes...... and the rumbling sound of a car's engine heard above the rage of the storm as it pulls into the driveway.  
And then, the sound a door closing....
Amy's breathe caught in her throat, as her mouth went dry.
The lightening flashed a strike against the walls so hard that she swore it had left an endurable mark. The cat, somewhere in the darkness, hissed and her own sense of awareness was only heightened by the heavy foot she heard approaching.

What was she to do?

What was lurking just outside?

A thought came to mind as she eyed the black steel fire poker sitting next to the now roaring fire. Ah yes, she could jab it at the intruder. Yet, a more sinister thought crossed her mind.  She could warm the poker in the fire. At least if she could not get away, then a burnt mark would at least be left etched on the skin to identify the intruder. Yes, that would do it.
She threw the poker quickly into the fire and watched as the sparks flew up into the chimney.

The dragging foot got closer and she could hear the mumbled
sound of a voice. The voice was low pitched and sounded angry.   It was a male voice and it petrified her.

Another lightening strike.

Suddenly, the glass door knob rattled with intensity. She jumped from her chair and grabbed the now red hot poker from the fire. She held it tightly and quietly backed away from the door.

Boom! Boom! Boom! A heavy fist hit the door as the door knob continued to shake.

Amy was frozen in terror.

She then heard that voice again..."LET ME IN!" She refused to come any closer to the door and was trying to make her self small in the shadows.

"LET ME IN!", the voice bellowed again. Then it happened, the door swung open.

There in the darkness the tall, lanky figure appeared...

The voice then howled, "Damn it, Amy, I tripped over the flower boxes outside and cut my foot wide open. Next time, you go to the grocery store and get the marshmallows!"



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  1. Ohhhh......you so had me! right up until the end. that was great!
    loved it...I was on the edge of MY couch. ha

    and love the spooky coffee cup - great job!


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