Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of Vamplets...Halloween day 22

I had the extreme pleasure to review one of the absolutely most adorable creature babies on the planet, Vamplets. In actuality, I found out that I had "adopted" her but I digress.

This ones name is Midnight Mori. I was even able to go to their website and fill out a certificate for her and print it if I want. There are several different vamplets and others available to take home and their price for "adoption" is very reasonable.

Here I talk more about my little Vamplet girl. Check it out!

Here is something else you should know about vamplet.com. On their site, they ask you to give blood. Yes, the real stuff to the human counterparts. When you do, you receive a cool sticker and also get entered into your very own vamplet.

Oh, there is more.

If you buy a BAD (Bats Are Deserving) wrist band a portion of  your purchase goes to a World Bat Sanctuary in Texas that rescues and cares for injured and orphaned bats.

In addition, if you purchase this little guy, Hector, a donation is made in your honor to the World Bat Sanctuary too.

 injured, orphaned and abandoned bats.
Find Vamplets on Facebook and Twitter too.
~Naila Moon


  1. In an odd sort of way it's kinda cute! bwhahahahahaha Thanks for sharing!

  2. freakishly cute! my daughter would love Hector - there are these caves near our home that you can explore and we actually saw bats once. now she is bat crazy. she's being batgirl for Halloween.


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