Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Countdown day 5

All this week I have discussed Halloween costumes. I honestly think it is sad that so many children and adults do not dress up anymore. For me, it was something we did and looked forward too.

It wasn't about the scariness or anti-religion. It was about having fun and being something we really were not. Seriously, even as a child I knew that I was not the Bride of Frankenstein!
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I look around and see the people who are still dressing up for Halloween are adults my age and older. We remember having the fun and we still want it!

Having said that, I do not see the need for sexualizing Halloween either. I am no prude by any means but I do not see the sense in wearing a sexy Sesame Street costume.... The horror!
If children are dressing up, let them be what they want to be but don't push the boundaries.  Let's have some imagination.

One other thing about costumes. We tend to dress up our pets too.
I am not sure when this trend started taking place but it is a big deal now. I am pretty sure my cat would not be happy with this prospect but why not try.

Anyway, I thought today I would share some of more creative costumes I have seen on Pinterest.
I obviously cannot share all of them because there are just way to many. I will share some cute pet ones too.

Let me start with the cute factor.

I love that this one includes the child's needs. In fact there is a whole website dedicated to kids that have special needs but want to dress up too.

Raining cats and dogs!

On to creative teen or adult costumes.

So, not to forget the pets. I offer these to you.

Come back tomorrow as I will begin the week with talking about Halloween books and pumpkins.

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~Naila Moon


  1. Too too funny...well the animals are. Altho I do love the Blues Bros dogs. I love to see how imaginative parents can be for the special needs kids. Awesome!!! I am not a huge fan of just going to the store and buying a costume....guess I am way too cheap and like to make my own. No, I don't sew but I try to put things together. I have been known to purchase costumes from the thrift store tho :-) I usually dress up for out Red Hat Halloween party...but I am not in the mood this year. What are you dressing up as? and where are you going?

    1. I too like putting my own costumes together. I have an idea what I am going as but not going to reveal that right now. Hee hee!
      We will be going to the Halloween Ball which is here in CO. It is an annual event but we have not gone in 3 years. Excited to go.

  2. Poor pets! They are the innocent victims! LOL


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