Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday/Halloween Day 10

Hello everyone. I am sorry I am a bit late but I have been under the weather. My throat feels like it is on fire and I am achy and downright cold.

However, this is Thursday and the day I take time out to be thankful.
What is that you say? How can I feel thankful when I feel so yucky?

Well, the truth is, there is always something to be grateful for.
Today, I am most grateful for my husband who has bundled me up on the couch in a nice warm blanket, put socks on my feet, and made me some hot tea with honey. That is love right there!

I went several years of having to take care of myself when I was sick and it is nice to have someone around to pamper me a bit.  Truly, grateful!

As always, leave me a comment and I will come visit.
Day 10 of Halloween Countdown:

I am just going to share an interview with you that I recently did with author Michael Phillip Cash.
He is a thriller writer and is getting ready to come out with a new book shortly.
Check out the interview HERE.

See you tomorrow.
Naila Moon


  1. ahh, I do hope you feel better. and good job hubby taking care of her!
    my 3 all woke up with coughs yesterday, and it's the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada this weekend. I hope they don't get too sick, but at least they have 4 days at home to rest.

  2. Feel better soon, nothing worse than getting nasty a cold ( I hope that is all it is) but you are right, it is nice to have someone around that loves you and will pamper you through it :)

  3. Ten points for the Hubby! Way ta go, but you... no time to be sick with all the holidays coming. You need to get rid of that bug ASAP! Have a great weekend & get better soon.


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