Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday...10/17/13...Halloween recipe

Can you believe it is Thursday? It seems like time is just flying by at a break neck speed. I cannot even seem to get caught up with things.

Today as I do every Thursday, I am taking time out to be grateful for those people, place and things I need on a daily basis to be grateful for. If you wish to join me, leave me a comment and I will come visit.

If you will indulge me a moment...

My blog friend, Mama Kat posted a writing prompt today ( A pumpkin inspired craft or recipe) and it got me to thinking.

As the holidays do continue to fast approach, my thoughts always turn to family. I miss them so much. I was thinking about something I used to do with them around this time but also with daycare children I worked with for many years.

I would allow the kids to make a simple pumpkin pudding. It gave the kids freedom to "cook" but also to smell something wonderful and also, get to do something they normally would not get to do.
Of course the best part for them and me, was eating it!

This time was always special as I got to see smiling faces and the satisfaction they had when they got to taste their done product. How can I not be grateful for such a warm memory?
I am including the simple recipe here just in case you would like to try this out too. Kids can do all of this themselves with a little guidance. It is so, so worth it!
~Naila Moon

Pumpkin  Pudding Recipe
Need: 1 can of pureed pumpkin
           1 lg pkg of instant vanilla pudding
           1 can of evaporated milk (optional)
           1 container of Cool Whip
           1 sm. handful of vanilla wafers (optional)

Time: 5 minutes
1.  Mix in a bowl the vanilla pudding as directed. You can use the evaporated milk or regular milk.
2. Fold in the pumpkin. (Note: I usually do not use the whole can but about 1/2. Either way is ok)  Make sure the pumpkin is well mixed in with the pudding.
3. Refrigerate or let stand for 5 minutes.
4.  Fold in about a 1/2 cup of Cool Whip. (Note: this is optional as you can just put the Cool Whip right on top)
5.  Add a few vanilla wafers on top



  1. this looks so tasty and is definitely easy enough for my kids to help.
    will definitely be giving this one a try.

  2. I love filling the house with the smell of pumpkin! Sounds like your kids probably have some pretty special memories with you. :)

  3. tis the season for pumpkin.....I made pumpkin bars this week. I was just thinking that I am thankful for facebook photos. My camera battery was dead when I was at my grandson's soccer game, but the city posted some great action shots of him....much better than I could have ever taken.

  4. I have a granddaughter that loves pumpkin pie. She would probably love this pudding. Kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  5. I totally love pumpkin pie, but I was the only one in the family that did, so I only got it when I went visiting or out to eat. I think I heard of this recipe before. Sounds scrumptious!

  6. Thanks for a great recipe - one that kids can do! I have copied this one down and will probably make it soon!


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