Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me...Halloween day 28

Hello Ghouls and Boils-
We are back for the last Monday in October. Boy has this been one heck of a broom ride. LOL
Of course being it is Monday that means music hosted by Xmas Dolly and the music train of Callie, Cathy, Stacy and Your Truly!

Spotlight Dancers
This week's Spotlight Dancer is Vandy! Congrats!

This week is freebie week. That means you spin the tunes of what you want to hear and we all, I mean listen and howl with delight!
I am planning to round out this fun October with the last of my spook-tacular finds.  I found some goodies too. Let's get our boo-ties on the dance floor and party shall we?

First up:

Next this may not seem like a Halloween song but it is:

These next couple the videos are not great but the music is fantastic!

On to this one:
How about this one:

Finally, let's round this up and throw out some candy with this one:

Make sure to link up your music only. Happy Halloween.
~Naila Moon


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry about that! BWAHAHAHAHAHA Love that last one although I never heard any of these even Michael Jackson, but I like the music. Not the bloody words, but your Post just tells me wait until tomorrow because I don't want nightmares tonight! ~snicker-snicker~ Also, I added one song on mine because it's my favorite at Halloween time & just had too cuz I forgot. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  3. I'm back from my blog hiatus and am making my way around blogosphere to visit all of my lovelies who came by while I was gone. Great all new-to-me tunes this week! It's so nice to be on the dance floor with you again. :)

  4. Love your fun selections heheh!

    Have a cackletastic week ;-)

  5. Definitely getting ready for Halloween here, loved Monster Hop :)

  6. You are definitely the Halloween winner today. This are all great and different. I think the Micheal Jackson was the only one I really had heard and yeah, it was a halloweeny one, too.

  7. Loads of good Halloween tunes on this week's 4M's path. Have a great week Naila & Happy Music Monday to you x

  8. Dang, I am going to have nightmares tonight with all the great Halloween music I have been hearing! Giving me the creeps here, girl!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. Interesting picks. I was especially intrigued by the Michael Jackson piece. Must mean Halloween is close.

  10. like the Monster Hop one. all fun choices.
    how have I never heard of that Michael Jackson one??

  11. I only know Thriller when it comes to MJ halloween/horror songs. Glad to learn a new (to me) song by The King today.


  12. Oh what fun! II thought I knew all of MJ's stuff but that was new to me!

  13. I've always heard that song Blood on the dance floor, but can't remember ever seeing the video. Very nice!

    Thanks for rocking the music train and sorry I'm late.



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