Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 11/Friday!

Happy Friday ya all...or is that Freaky Friday?
Anyway, still feeling icky but that is not stopping me from blogging. HA!

As with every Friday, it is link up and have some fun. I have my usual's below and of course go visit them and find some others too. It is all about friends, fun and Friday. Right?

I thought today I would share a fun, freaky book that I acquired a year or so ago. I put it on display for Halloween. Apparently in its original form, it had a "skeleton key" that you could lock the book with.

 It is a journal as well as stories so, I guess it was meant to keep your deep, dark secrets under wraps.


 Maybe for my Sunday vlog, I will read a story from it. Until now, just enjoy the photos. ok? Don't forget to link up!
Your Crypt Keeper,
Naila Moon

PS>To have fun with riddles and my blog pal, Xmas Dolly. Here is a couple for you.

What do ghosts wear when their eyesight gets blurred?
What do female ghosts use to do their makeup?
What do you think the answers are. Tell me in a blog comment.
The Jenny Evolution


  1. Great Post, but have no clue on your riddles. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. That skeleton hand is sure to keep any prying eyes out of your journal! Visiting via 'fridayflashblog'

  3. That's a SUPER neat book! I love when Halloween rolls around because these kinds of decorations come out and it makes me excited!

    Halloween is my favorite!


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