Thursday, November 26, 2015

7 People I Would Invite To Thanksgiving Dinner #Thanksgiving

Many people are sitting down for Thanksgiving Dinner today. I have thought about who I would ask to come to dinner besides my family or friends. Assuming the people are still alive today, this is whom I would invite in no particular order.

1. Ellen DeGeneres-Come on, she would top my list because she is one funny gal. I am sure she would crack some jokes or something. Maybe she would bring me a new car or some awesome cash. I could use both right now. I suppose I would have to make sure I have some vegan dishes, though.

2. President Barack Obama-I would love to pick his brain about worldly stuff, not politics! I would just like to know what he really thinks about when the cameras are not in his face. I would also like to ask him questions that have been pondering my brain and need some answers. I would make sure that I did not serve the pardoned turkey for dinner. He gets to say the blessing.

3. Mark Zuckerberg-I would like to give him some ideas of how to run Facebook. I am sure he would look at me like I have four heads. I would also tell him face to face what everybody has been thinking he has screwed up. Then probably start a food fight with him. I am sure he would give me a thumbs up for that one.

4. Sean Connery-Simply because I think he is one sexy dude! Oh, and just to hear him talk. He gets to sit right next to me or  me on his lap. Whatever.

5. Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter)-I would like for him to come and sit next to Zuckerberg. We would speak only in hashtags which I find quite humorous. He would tweet our entire dinner so that everyone knows that Ellen DeGeneres just spilt gravy in Sean Connery's lap, took a picture for Instagram and tweeted it. He would probably throw pumpkin pie as he is tweeting.

6.  Mrs. Santa Claus-She never gets any credit for anything and deserves to get some. I mean geez, she fattens up the big guy all year long just so he can leave her for 24 hours. Not to mention she has to clean up after the elves all the time. She deserves the day off. She is sure to bring the pumpkin pie and keep the President entertained with her pleasantries.

7. Jimmy Fallon-I want him to come because he is sure to help Zuckerberg start the food fight. He probably will stuff the drumsticks in his pocket to take home to eat later. He might even play homage to Charlie Chaplin with them before he does. No doubt he will bring kid's musical instruments and want to sing Christmas carols with Mrs. Claus. He will get to sit at the head of the table next to Ellen as no doubt they both will keep us entertained. He will interview everyone and show the interview next night on his show.

I am bound to have a great dinner! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ~Naila Moon


  1. I'm with you on Ellen and Sean. I might have to pass on the rest (except Mrs. Claus - I'm sure she's awesome) since I've spent so many years trying to get food fights, political arguments, and people sitting on the wrong people's laps OUT of holiday get-togethers - LOL!

  2. That sounds like one heck of a dinner party. I'm there!


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