Friday, November 6, 2015

Quiet Morning in 10 Lines

 I am up at an unusual hour for me.
 It is a quiet moment and I like it.
 There is no babbling toddler, for he is asleep.
 There is also no husband underfoot, for he too is asleep.
 No noise is coming from a television that I often do not pay attention to.
 It is just quiet.
 I am relaxed in this moment and thinking of going back to sleep.
 Should I?
 But then my quiet solitude may go away.


  1. Sounds so nice! I never get these moments because I am always the last to get up or it's a busy morning.

  2. I'm a night person, but I really want to be a morning person. When I'm up before everyone else, it's a wonderful feeling. I love that quiet. But I will always be tempted to climb back into bed because sleep feels good too. ;)

  3. I'm not a morning person on the weekdays when I have to haul my butt out the door but the weekends are a different story. I like being up before everyone else and just chilling with my first cup of tea in my cozy bathrobe (yay autumn!) and letting the day start around me.


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