Sunday, November 15, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me

Hello, all. First off an apology for not getting around to ya all. I have been nursing a cold and my life was turned topsy-turvy the first of the month.  A Little bit of craziness but all is working out ok. In case you are wondering, my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson moved in with us until the end of the holidays.

It has been an adjustment having a small apartment, four adults and a whirlwind of a toddler, BUT I love it too! *Wink*

Anyway, on to our favorite musical day of the week, Monday's Music Moves Me. I co-host this shindig along with host, Callie, Stacy and our musical hostess, Xmas Dolly.

This week we have the theme of "Big Bands Era". I am not sure we have done that theme before even though, I have posted some of those songs.

It turns out that my father-in-law, whom I never met, was a big band musician. Somewhere in our house we have albums he actually cut with his bands. I dedicate this post in his memory.

First up: When I think of big bands, the first comes to mind is Glenn Miller. Note: Did you know that after Glenn Miller entered the military his plane went down and was never seen again?

Next up: Then there is Benny Goodman.In this paricular segment, the singer is Peggy Lee, whom was one of my Dad's favorite singers.

Finally: Duke Ellington will always be known as big band! This is one of my favorites!

Have a great musical week! See ya tomorrow! ~Naila Moon


  1. I love the big band sound and would have been glad to partake, but it was posted way too late. I have work tomorrow and can't wait up to find out the topic and then write my post.

  2. I am gonna have chattanooga choo choo on my brain all day now (yes I do have one ) heheh!

    Hope your feeling better now Naila ...sniff sniff have a brilliantlytastic day :-)

    I am big bandless too :-(

  3. Awesome choices as usual, Naila! And one shows two great minds... ;)

    Very cool you letting your daughter and family move in for the holidays in spite of the limit of space...just think how festive it'll be! ;)

    In My Daughter’s Eyes i’m gonna Sing, Sing, Sing on the Chattanooga Choo Choo with Teenage Daughters


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