Friday, November 13, 2015

Peace? Where is it? #peace #prayers

I seriously cannot fathom all these attacks on innocent people all around the world year after year.
Sometimes they are not "fanatics" but just some person that lost their damn mind.

 Where is the peace?

Yes, I remember the horrors of 9-11 here and the one in Aurora, CO where I lived at one point. I remember the high school shooting at Columbine and the ones at the elementary school of Newton and the Amish school shootings. I remember the church shootings in Charleston.

Where is the peace?

I remember others shootings and killings that happen every day. I remember one of my "daughters" telling me about a shooting that happened in her own front yard. She held the victim as he died in her arms.

Where is the peace?

I remember and I hate it! I hate that other people try to make me afraid! I say, try because I refuse to be! However, I want to feel safe and that my family and even people I have never met but "know" are safe too.  

Where is the peace?

I am angry! I am tired of hearing of the killings. I am tired of people hurting other people because they have gone nuts or for so-called religious reasons or because they are angry at another human or...

I don't want to feel like I cannot walk out my door to a theatre, football game, church or send my grandkids to school and us not come back.

I want us, all of us to be safe.

Where is the peace?

Every year, several times a year, I blog and put my mind to the topic of peace. I think about being in a peaceful world...I hope for it...I dream of it...I strive to live it. But is it there?

I had no intention of writing yet another post about peace and yet here I am again on the day another one happened in Paris.

I am sad now.

Where is my peace?

~Naila Moon


  1. I think we are all asking the same question today. A spirit of fear is a terrible prison to be in mentally. And that is exactly the intent of these horrible terrorists who seek to gain through murder of innocents. No religion justifies that. No political stance should have horrible acts of terror as it's campaign.
    The only thing we can do is not allow them to instill fear. To live our lives full of hope and promise. Together we can drive back the fear they would hold over us. Together we can choose love over hate, and understanding and show compassion.
    But mostly, together we can not allow our Hope to falter. Stay strong!

    1. Thank you for coming by and your words. I am glad you understand where I am coming from.


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