Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#Review of Asana Fitness Muscle Rolling Stick #asanafitness

To me, pain is an everyday thing. Yes, I take meds for pain but it is not always helpful or even the solution. Recently, I was asked to review the Asana Fitness Muscle Rolling Stick, Can you say, heaven?

Seriously, this stick is helpful with relief of pain. Best yet, you do not need someone to rub your back, neck, or legs for you. Oh, no, you can use the stick by yourself to help get some pain relief. I tried using it on my back thinking there was absolutely no way. Well, I could not only use it by myself but got a little workout for my arms at the same time. ha!

See these ridges? Each one of those little ball like things turns and work themselves into your muscles as the do. The harder you push against your skin, the more pressure you will receive. It is like getting a massage with deep pressure tissue work. I can tell you that I generally needed someone to push pretty hard to get out muscle tension for me. With the Asana rolling stick, it was almost too much  pressure when my husband used it on me.

Than handles are great two because they allow for firm gripping of the stick but yet little bitty dots on the handle give your hands and fingers a little massage too. Win!

All, in all, I am happy with this product and since others in my family like it too, I may just have to purchase a few to give as gifts. You will want to as well. That is a guarantee from me.

Disclosure: I received this stick for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion. The views here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

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  1. I wonder if this would help with my shoulder. I hefted my granddaughter so much during the month that we were with them, that my muscle is knotted up. I can't reach behind me or use it too much.


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